Thursday, 1 January 2015

TwentySeven Today

Dress from Primark| Necklace from A Midnight Wonderland| Satchel from Zatchels

Happy New Year to you all, welcome 2015, I hope you're good to us all!
As well as seeing in the New Year, it's also my Birthday. Today I turned 27, 27, 27. The more I say it the more it doesn't sound real, how did 27 even happen? 

I am celebrating in Cornwall with my two boys ♥ We're staying at the prettiest beach hut cottage, with beaches all around us and too much Prosecco in the fridge. It really is the perfect English seaside get away, I don't really want to go home and go back to reality. 

The New Year always seems like a new start, making goals and getting motivated. My 2014 was just wonderful, and although I had a few down times, especially with the blog, I had so many special and wonderful times. Making memories and being part of today, is the best thing I could tell you to do, look forward and be positive. Something I've been trying to live by more as 2014 went on. 

For 2015 I hope to feel as happy as I ever did in 2014, and shrug off the times I'm feeling sad and negative. I will dance around the kitchen with my Husband, take my baby boy for many a canal walk, let me friends know I love them, eat even more afternoon tea and drink just about the same amount of Prosecco. I will smile at strangers, give a helping hand when possible, and try as much as possible not to judge people in what they do. I also want to push Stephanie Dreams until my heart is beating fast about it, I want it to scream and shout from the blogging roof tops and I want to feel proud of my little internet space.                                                                                         
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