Monday, 5 January 2015

Sev Says Fetch

Treats, Jacket and bone c/o Fetch| Bandana from The Fluffy Patch

I can't help it, I love seeing Sev in a cute jumper, a dapper coat or a handsome scarf- so this "get up" possibly benefits him more than me. 

Fetch asked to send Severus a few goodies, which he of course loved, and Thanks them kindly for. It is actually the pet store from Ocado, which means the products they sell are worth every penny and generally awesome! 
We picked out a lovely navy coat for him, which works well with his brown colours, and I even teamed it with a tartan bandana- oh my, what a Gentleman.

He also added some treats to his order, so he was well away with the goodies. There's things for every pet on the site, from small but wholesome treats, to wonderful coats and even healthcare products. 


  1. Ooo he looks so handsome! I love the bandana!! Think I need to look at something like this for my Ted!


  2. My dog runs a mile as soon as I go to put a jacket or something on her. Someone bought her a coat for Christmas and she hates it even though its freezing outside xx

  3. Ahh such a cutey! My boyfriend and I might be getting a cocker spaniel puppy, bit excited :)

  4. He looks so cute!! Love his proud little face.

  5. your dog is so cute! it looks like it's smiling <3

  6. Sev looks SO dapper. He really is the most handsome pooch!

    Tara x

  7. Beautiful dog! xo

  8. Aww! What a sweetheart! He looks very dapper in that jacket too. All the other dogs will be jealous!
    Emma Xx

  9. What size did he get please? X

  10. What a cutie :) Wonderful name too!

    I am hopelessly in love with Spaniels (I have a Springer named Milly)

    They are so incredibly bouncy and fun and insanely loyal.

    Sarah xxo


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