Monday, 26 January 2015

6 Tips for Blogging

A blog is a blog, an online diary, some where to showcase your photos or other creative work, some where to talk to people you don't know, or to come together with people you do.
A blog is your blog, what you make it, what you want it to be. What you dream for with it, what you strive for, or what you're content with and happy to publish on that place called the internet.

What is success measured in? To some, Stephanie Dreams may be successful, to others not so much....not at all. For me it's my happy place, my creative place and the place that motivates me. It's open many a door, opened my eyes to things I never knew and allowed me to branch out and meet some of the best people there are. To me that is success, but I am a dreamer, and I believe that is okay! Pushing myself, pushing SD and allowing it to fill others laptop screens is something that I'm not ashamed to say.

I have been blogging for 5 years....that's a long time. I may not be the best you know, my 6000 twitter followers, 3900 Instagram followers and almost 4000 blog readers are obviously not up to scratch with Zoella's. But it's not about numbers, it's about content, it's about wanting and it's about trying. For me it's about motivating and pushing for something, I've never really had that in me until I started blogging. Fighting for what you want, for what you love is passion, and I see that only as a good thing. I live for what I can create, for my family, for my Husband and for my friends that make the effort to hold the friendships. My internet life is a small part of me, but it is a part of me none the less ♥
Blogging Tips I've learnt along the way

Be Social

Read others blog, leave comments and chat on twitter. Being social and actually showing you're interested in others blog will help you along the way.
Comments are very few and far between, RT's from a blogger you know hardly ever happens, and when you spam your link on those blogger # chats how many of you actually end up looking at the others blog. Don't be selfish, be supportive and love the community you want to be successful in.

Be Inspired
Our lovely friend Pinterest can help with this, but also reading others blogs. There's so much content, so much creativity out there, it's great to fill your mind with it. Surrounding your self with good vibes, and what you love is important. I love finding new lifestyle bloggers, they give me a sense of inspiration for both my life and my blog. It will help you get motivated and push your blog in the direction you want it to go.

If you agree or not, photos and your blog lay out are the first thing your readers will they matter a lot. Your layout and design will say a lot about you, it's your opening statement and key to the personality of your blog. You don't have to have a £300 camera that "all the bloggers have", but you need to know how to use what you do have. Lighting and composition are just as important as the technology you're using. Sticking to an editing style, this will too help put your stamp on your blog.

Blog for yourself
Be true to yourself and what you want your blog to be. My ideas area a lot different to many others, and so on. None of these tips are right, nor are they wrong, they're how you adapt them to work for you.
In the past I've taken every feature that's come to me, which looking back is stupid and has never helped Stephanie Dreams. It will get you disliking posts and not loving the content you write, and if anything stands strong, it's what I publish on here I want to be proud of, I want to love.

There's going to be quiet times, uninspring times, times you just don't give a crap- that's okay. It really doesn't matter, give yourself a break, because honestly very few other people would actually care. It's also hard to keep your self positive, when you see others get all the latest features or be invited to the loveliest events. Being more picky in what you want and what you want your blog to say will help pin point it and move away from all the other blogs out there.

Your Blog, Your rules
I do like the blogger chats that are about, some times great conversations come out of them, but I think it's important that you don't get too bogged down in it. Remember that it's your blog, and because a "popular" blogger doesn't do it that way, doesn't mean you shouldn't either. There are no rules, and there's every rule you want, do what makes you happy and what you strive to make your blog better with.

You're not the first, you won't ever be the last.
This one that comes up a lot, you hear about "copying" a lot and although I'm sure it does happen, a lot of people think too much into it and other bloggers aren't copying you at all. There's a difference to feel inspired and take others ideas, there's also a difference about getting on your high horse about people taking your ideas. Truthfully, they're probably taking some one elses, if at all, because people have similar thoughts and ideas, and it's no doubt be done before. Being "different" is something that you should do, and will make you a better blogger, but that's harder said than done. Your best original ideas, probably have been some one elses in the past, so just go with the flow and don't worry about being different....just be you!
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