Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Dog Hamper c/o Pet Plan

I love when Sev gets sent presents, he's such a big part of my life and even Stephanie Dreams. I think my Fashion and Lifestyle blog is slowly turning into a pet blog too, run by Severus himself. I love it even more when the campaign is one I believe in, and this #PetplanCares one is certainly that. 

I insure all three woofers with Pet Plan, as they are the UK's leading dog insurance company, as well as being a Pet Plan practice at work. When they told me about their new campaign I was eager for Sev to be involved. Not only did they gift him with a luxury hamper (oh my gosh, how gorgeous is the bed!) they also wanted me to share with you what he means to me and the relationship we share. 

I think you're either a dog person, or you're not. It's hard to be in between, well for me it is anyway. My fur babies are a huge part of our family, from Megan our cocker spaniel we had while I was growing up to eventually going and rescuing Alfie, when it was right to have a pooch in the Large-Household again. Tilly joined some years later, and is now so in love with Alfie, but wears the trousers at the same time too.
When Sam and I moved into our house, with garden and all, we knew it was time to get a woofer of our own and along came Severus.
I'm not sure if it changes things, but Sam and I don't want children, and Sev is certainly our little boy. A pet he may be, but some one who keeps me company, knows when I'm crying and likes to sit in the bathroom while I'm in the bath. He's a sweet boy, but very pampered too (totally our fault, I know!) but he does try and be good, even if a few things do get chewed up every now and again. 

My dogs are my life, my family, my love. If you agree or not, it doesn't take that away, it doesn't make me feel silly or less of a person, I am who I am, and a lot of that is down to my dogs.
In Sam's wedding speech he even mentioned Alfie, and how he was the man in my life, knowing he had to impress him was the main thing....that he certainly did, and Sam is so on board with the canine-lifestyle now, it makes me so fortunate of my little family! 

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