Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Our Wedding Party: 1st November 2014

Having our Wedding in Florida was a win-win situation for me, especially when my Mum expressed the want for a party to celebrate with friends and family at home too.
I always kept strong in my head I didn't want it to be a wedding reception, and although it certainly followed the lines of one- with speeches, entertainment, cake and a first dance. I wanted the wedding it self to be the most important thing, and not do this for people who wouldn't come, but for our friends and family who couldn't. It was also a great excuse to drink more champagne and have the best time with our loved ones. 

I got to be creative with our party, and although it's a very small version of what our English wedding could of been like, it still expresses the sort of theme we would have gone for. I got to DIY a lot, saving money big time on almost everything, but also adding bits that we missed out on in Florida. Such as our amazing vintage photo booth ♥

We did almost everything our self, but the big task was dressing the hall. With a few very loving friends and family we took down a horrendous (and huge) wall art, moved 100's of chairs, put up meters and meters of bunting, blow up large balloons and cut yards of table cloth to dress the tables. We also made our own doughnut cake, filled empty spaces with photo walls, and draped fairy lights around stair cases. I was so thrilled with the out come of our hard work, and honestly the night was full of some much fun and laughter!
Photography| Miles Hart
Personlised cake topper| ClayTastic Cake Topper
Vintage Chic Photo Booth| Fishee Designs
Floral| The Pink Peony
Wooden Vinyl Sign| Soda Pop Vinyls
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