Friday, 17 October 2014

Severus Turns ONE

Bed and Treats c/o Feedem

Today my little boy turns one year old! Oh my gosh, I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by ♥

We first met Sevvy when he was only 4 days old, and had the pleasure of picking him up to come home a few months later. He was Severus the day we met him, and so glad that name was our choice from the start, and although it gets some funny looks some times, I adore our little Snape.
He is a fine young gentleman, although he is still a bit of a monkey. He enjoys cuddles, loves getting under the duvet cover with us and still has an argument with the post every day it pops through the door. He is extremely loving but at the same time likes being his own dog, he can jump higher than my head and can swim as well as Rebecca Adlington.
I'm so glad we picked a spaniel, and I'm so glad it was him! He's been hard work, and still is challenging every day but he loves learning and he wants to keep us happy too. 

Happy Birthday my baby boy, we love you with all our heart and so glad our first child was a fluffy brown one that has given us so much joy and happiness.       
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