Sunday, 5 October 2014

Our Pre-Wedding Shoot

Last Weekend we had our pre-wedding shoot on Studland beach. It was such a gorgeous day, the location was dreamy and our photographer was an utter babe.
I've known of Lindsay for some time, but working with her on this shoot was so wonderful and my gosh did she do us proud ♥

On Monday we travel to Orlando to start our wedding adventure. Spending a week out there before we say "I do". I wanted to capture some moments with a little shoot before we become husband and wife, our last while engaged. 

Studland is gorgeous and I really hope to visit again some day soon, it was so quiet and most the time I could only hear small chatter and the waves of the sea. The locations that Lindsay took us were perfection, from beach to grass to sea and even a phone box in between. 


  1. Such lovely photos! Have an great time in the US, and hope your wedding day is amazing x

  2. Oh such lovely photos, you two are so cute!! Have a fab time in the US and have an amazing wedding

    Julia x

  3. so lovely, you look gorgeous. the mini blackboard is a sweet touch x

  4. I just adore these! and I'm so ridiculously excited for your wedding photos!! eeeee!! wishing you all the love in world for your special day! 6 days to go!!! woooop! xxx

  5. You guys, such a lovely shoot! <3 I'm so excited for you haha there's been so much build up to your wedding and I can't wait to see your pictures of the big day! Hope you're having an amazing time out there! xxx

  6. Oh just beautiful!
    I bet you're so ridiculously excited now!! Eeek.
    M x

  7. Gorgeous photos, you guys are so cute!
    Wishing you a wonderful wedding!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  8. Such lovely photos! Me and my girlfriend done a shoot last week for the 1st time it's just lovely to have photos to look back on! I hope you have an amazing Wedding day <3 Xx

  9. Gorgeous photos, hope your wedding goes well!

    Maria xxx

  10. This is so beautiful! The chalboard was really cute and I love your outfit choice. I can't wait to see the final photos!

    Kindness is the best accessory,


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