Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Severus Gets Spoilt

Severus is a very lovely boy, and because he's beautiful (not that I'm biased) and features on Stephanie Dreams a fair amount far too much, he gets the chance to review and try out fun and lovely canine products every now and again.

Bed and Toy c/o Pet Shop Bowl

We were excited to try out some of the Scruffs range from their store, and it didn't disappoint. The gorgeous bed actually allows you to cover a sofa or your own bed to allow protection whist being a lovely bed for the woofer. Sev now has this upstairs, or in the car when we go for long journeys and he'll happily snuggle into it like a good boy.
He also got sent a toy for the range which again is just gorgeous, you can't fault this brand for aesthetics of their products at all. It's more of a fun outside ball on a rope, but he does try to sneak it in every now and again and enjoys chewing on the material.
Pet Shop Bowl have literally everything and anything you can think of for your pets needs, I obviously have a rather large shopping list.....not that Severus gets spoilt or anything! 

Dog Toys c/o Gor Pets

Now Sevvy won't let me go any further without saying how much he loves his bunny! It's certainly a new favourite in the house hold, and although it has 6 (!!!!) squeakers, luckily he hasn't got around to working that out yet. Bunny is carried every where with Sev at the moment, and I'm rather surprised he's not been chewed yet- here's hoping Mr.Bunny!
Gor Pets is a lovely little wholesale pet products website, and it has me eyeing up a new bed (yes, he can never have enough) and jacket for the colder months ahead. 

Do you have a canine friend that enjoys a new toy, or two?                                                    
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