Saturday, 12 April 2014

Wedding Vendors Worth Shouting About

With 6 months getting closer and closer, I wanted to share with you some of the lovely people that will be helping me along the way ♥
As our wedding is abroad, as well as having a party back here, there is a mix and match of every one I love and that has helped with my plans along the doubt making the "big day" something Sam and I can shout about. 


Regina has been shooting Disney Weddings for a long time now, so she knows her way around! I adore her simple but elegant feel, but at the same time her photography is very fun and bright- something Sam and I are really wanting to portray. She's also bloody amazing, emailing me back straight away and always coming with great ideas. If you're getting married in Florida she's so worth a look, and her prices really couldn't be better. I can't wait for you to snap our special day Regina

Hair and Beauty
True Love Bridal Beauty
Another beaut to be working with for our wedding. This time Sam doesn't get to see in on this one and the wonderful Lauren and her team are making myself, bridesmaids and mum look just gorgeous for the big day. Hair and makeup all sorted, it's something none of us have to stress about and worry about the Florida heat. I think I'll be going for a pretty, not to done, gold/bronze tones and the girls will be very simple and fresh with matching lip colours.
A lot of Disney brides pick the same hair and beauty for their weddings, so I'm excited to step out that comfort zone and Lauren has certainly made this easy for me.

Photo Booth 
Fishee Designs
When I say I can't wait for Emily to do our vintage inspired photo booth, for our wedding party, I truly mean it! When I set my eyes on her amazing photo booth set up, I knew it could be the one, and as a photo whore I knew it was something we had to have for our party at home. We've picked the vintage booth to fit in with our rustic/vintage theme for the evening, and no doubt I'll be the one that's being snapped away more than any one else. If you're looking for a photobooth, please check Emily and her fabulous booth out. 

Hair Accessories
Come on now, does this come as a surprise to anyone? Sophie and the Crown and Glory team are my go to hair accessories loves, and really there was no one else to pick for my special head wear! I have picked my hen party crown, we're in talks about my bridal hair pieces, as well as a few special ears too (!!!!) Crown and Glory have an array of beautiful pieces, perfect to buy straight away or they do offer a custom design for those who are a little more creative. Both of which are very affordable options, and the gorgeous Sophie can help you stick to any sort of budget you may have.

Converse Embroidery 
I've not hid that fact that Sam and I, and the whole wedding party, are wearing matching converse on our wedding day. It's something I saw, got in my head, and knew we had to do! I wear flats all the time, and live in my converse during the warming months, so it seemed the perfect thing to do. Our wedding is casual, fun, and easy going and our foot wear will certainly shout that to the crowds. 
When Liz first got in touch I was so excited about the thought of them being personally hand embroidered, so she will be doing something special for this dream wedding of ours. Stitches and Lace offer a fantastic service, as well as buying your converse from them straight away to be personalised too! 
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  1. I love the idea of the matching Converse! So sweet! You must be getting so excited now, can't wait to see what you wear and your headbands especially! xxx

  2. Been loving following your wedding plans! Your vendors all are amazing!!

  3. AHHHH just reading this all is making me ridiculously giddy and excited for you! The personalised converse is such a genius idea!! The photobooth too! and I can't wait to see your photographs! 6 months to go!!! woooooo! xxxx


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