Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bed Time

As a child and early teen I used to hate sleep! What a crazy thing to even contemplate now, as I just can't get enough of it. Gone are the days of me thinking it's a waste of time, and ruins the day, I'd happily spend a lazy day wrapped in my duvet.

I love our bedroom, it's the only room I'm fully happy with in the house, our gorgeous white bed, sweet bunting along the wall and vintage style dresser just makes it bright and happy, but cosy and comfy all in one. I have also become some what a fan of duvet covers, and like to treat myself a little too often, Asda and Primark certainly being my favourite places to buy from.

Now we have our bed, I love seeing what other King Size Beds are on offer, getting inspiration from styles and interior designs too. I love how big they are....some how star fishing seems perfectly acceptable. Give me 6 pillows, a fleecy throw and a cup of tea and I could stay here for hours and hours.
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  1. Everything about your room is just so precious. <3

  2. This looks so cosy! Such a pretty duvet set.


  3. Your bedroom is so gorgeous!


  4. I absolutely love this! The bedding and the pillows are so cute on their own already but look even more amazing together.

    xo, Britnee

  5. Gorgeous bed! I love all your homey pictures on instagram, gives me some good inspiration from time to time :D x


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