Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Our Day in Bath City

Francis Hotel
Sam and I love to get away for mini breaks, and holidays in this country. It's such a pretty place, and we live so close to the Costwolds, round the corner from Bath and only a car journey away from Cornwall. We love exploring and having adventures, taking photos of all the pretty things we can spot, and just enjoy this time of our lives.

When we were offered a night stay at Francis Hotel, in Bath, I certainly jumped at the chance. Bath is some where we live so close to, but growing up we never visited a lot, and my knowledge of it more recently is Topshop and Lush. 
This was the perfect opportunity to visit a beautiful hotel, in a beautiful City and really make the most of where we live ♥

This hotel is just beyond gorgeous! The decoration shouts glamour as well as fun, the building is stunning, and the interior just made me happy as soon as I walked through the door. The room was fabulous, and the decor changed but kept with the same theme throughout, fresh flowers scattered around, and the ever so pretty communal areas just made me feel very welcome. The bed was big enough for us both to star fish out....ah yeah! As well as being ever so comfy and snuggly after  our night out with some wine and food at Bills. The breakfast in the morning consisted of lots of wonderful buffet treats, as well as a a la carte menu- perfect for my craving of pancakes. Tea and Coffee a plenty, the service was wonderful throughout all of our stay. Staff really make so much, and at a hotel like this, they really did. Very helpful, pleasant and easy to talk to. 

I simply can not rate this hotel enough, the location is just perfection, the staff are wonderful and the hotel has a fun charm about it while keeping it's 4* class.

Tropical Swing Dress c/o Glamorous

Afternoon Tea
Since our engagement in May, afternoon tea has become my favourite thing to do, and I know Sam really enjoys it too! When I found out Francis Hotel did afternoon tea, I decided we had to take the chance to try it out. The Lounge area is just gorgeous with stunning fabric chair, beautiful lighting, and an air of sophistication while being serviced tea....and champagne.

I got to wear my new pretty Glamorous dress, the swing style is just perfect for my body shape and the print is perfect for Spring. I wore it with my denim jacket and it honestly felt like the perfect Spring time outfit, with the sun shining through the windows while nibbling (scoffing) our scones. 

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  1. I love Bath, and its only 40 mins away from me, I should really go and visit more often. Its such a stunning place to explore! Looks like you had a lovely time. xx

  2. wowee this looks amazing. Bath isn't far from me at all, would love to stay there for my birthday or something :) I'll have to get you to Cardiff so we can have afternoon tea in Pettigrews :)

  3. I went to uni in Bath so obviously have really fond memories of the city. Looks like you had a lovely weekend :) That hotel is so pretty, will be looking it up when I decide to go back and visit! Love the dress too, swing style is one of my favourites xxx

  4. I LOVE Bath! It's one of my favourite places here in the South West.

    The hotel looks bloody gorgeous. I'm rather jealous!

  5. I've been to Bath a few times (most recently for my little sister's hen weekend) and I absolutely adore it, it's such a beautiful place. Luckily one of my best friends lives in Bristol so I do get to go every now and again x

  6. Ooh what a gorgeous hotel! You lucky so-and-so!


  7. Ah Bath is about 20 mins away from my hometown so I've spent a lot of time there. It's gorgeous.
    The hotel looks a wonderful place to stay.

  8. This hotel looks so lovely! Gorgeous photos too. I visited Bath for a couple of day at the end of last year and it's such a beautiful city, I wish I lived closer so I could go more often.

  9. Oh lordy, it's so pretty! I've only ever stayed at the Hilton in Bath but this looks so grand, it's such a beautiful city.

    Tara xo

    P.S I've ordered that SH Boutique dress too - it's the cutest!

  10. That hotel looks out of this world! I must try to convince my Sam to take me there! He grew up in Bath and I'm definitely due a tour of his childhood home. I will try for afternoon tea too ;) xx

  11. Oooh I've been on the hunt for a hotel rec in Bath, this looks fab - I will bookmark this! I also love the fact Sam loves afternoon tea haha xx

  12. I would love to visit Bath one day! :)

  13. Bath looks beautiful! I really want to start exploring more of the UK but because we're up in Scotland it's often just as expensive to get a flight to London or wherever as it is to get a flight to France or something!

  14. Ahhh my hometown <3 I've never had a reason to stay in the city when my house is just 20 minutes away, but it definitely would be fun one time :) x


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