Sunday, 15 December 2013

My Teddy Bears

I came across a conversation on twitter recently, and decided to have a little look and be nosy (as I do!) and ended up finding this amazing blog post. Seeing Becky write about her cuddly toys, really sent a little shiver through my heart. 

I wanted to show you two of my best friends (that aren't the dogs!) Yes, at nearly Twenty Six years old, I am blogging about my teddy bears! ♥


Meet Doggy Bear and Holey, these two have been in my life since I remember, and honestly they're pretty awesome! I even bought them Christmas presents once, they are here when I'm having a crap day and even though they don't sleep with me any more, they still live just by my bedside table. 


Doggy Bear
He got passed down to me from my sister, but I really always remember having him. I think he started his life as a pilot (with a jacket & goggles) but this is how I've always known him. He's been on every holiday that I've been on, had cuddles with tears down my face and slept in my bed more than any other person has. His name comes from being a dog, or a bear, who knows! His eyes are a little scratched and he's more than a little grubby, but I just love him. 


First things first, his name? Well when I first got him he had a hole in his neck, and I made my Mum keep it that way and ever since he's been known as Holey. He's second in command, and doesn't tend to come on holidays, but I think he's okay with it. He's more of a home bird, after coming from a car boot sale, he doesn't like to travel much. He too is a little on the grubby side, and I think his hole is growing, but to me he looks beautiful! 

I'm not sure if this post makes me feel even more sentimental and emotional, or just like a crazy fool? I'll let you decide on that one...                                                            
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