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Blogging Tips. What I've Learnt Along the Way

I am no expert on what's right and wrong in the blogging community, however I have been blogging for over three years and so there are a few things that I've picked up along the way. They may be good hints and tips for you to look at for your bloggy ♥
1. Blog for yourself|
Such a cliche of blogging, and something you hear a huge amount. Honestly though, if you're not passionate about what you're blogging each week, then it will show. Blog about what you enjoy, what you like to photograph and what excites you. Blogging will be made a lot easier and the ideas for blog post will start flowing.

2. Clear and large photo's|
First impressions are everything, and having a simple and clean layout, with large photographs is a must. People like to see photo's, it draws them in and gets them reading, if they can't see the image well, they're less likely to stay on your blog.

This however, does not mean that you need the best camera on sale. This does not mean that you have to become, or even are a professional photographer. Just know how to use the camera you own, properly. Learn basic editing techniques and adjust your blog so you can use X-Large images (on blogger)

3. Be open minded|
There are a lot of controversial topics when it comes to blogging, some you'll agree with and others you won't. The best tip I can give you for this, is be open minded. If you don't like what others are doing, just nod your head (or shake it), smile and then move on. As long as you're doing what you believe is right, then nothing else matters.

You will find certain bloggers want to cause a stir and be the cause of the controversy, this isn't something you need to worry about. Blog in the right way, that you believe, and let everyone else do what they believe is right.

I am very opinionated, I have an opinion on most blogging topics, I am of course passionate about some of them and voice them in the way I feel I can. I don't like to cause problems with my beliefs though...each to their own

4. Takes more than you think|

I have mixed reviews about such things as the blogging forums and Company Magazine features, I am all for learning new things and listening to what has to be said. I do however, think that some bloggers are then under the impression that if they do X, Y & Z they'll be the next "big blogger". This is not how it works, and you could be doing everything technically right, but honestly there are no right and wrongs. What works for one does not mean that it will work for the other. 

I read Sofia's blog post a long time ago, and one of the points she makes is that the beauitful go far. This is so true, and although I don't think many people like to believe it, that's life. We want to read the blog's of the pretty with the exciting lives, because we want to wear their clothes and use their style. This of course does not mean we all give up, because we don't have waist length hair and perfect skin, I just think it's something to be aware of when it comes to "making it".

5. Talk, Talk, Talk|

Twitter is probably the best thing for any blog, use it! Talk to bloggers you love, blogs you read and shops you enjoying spending your money at. I also believe commenting on other posts are extremely important, show that you care about what others are writing. Reading others blog will give you inspiration, and help you make some amazing friends
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, media is endless and will only help you blog improve if they're used to the full potential. 

6. Introduce yourself|

I personally think that emailing brands and shops you'd like to work with can work in your favour. I also am highly aware that many wouldn't think so, and believe that you should wait for companies to find you, in the 1000's of blogs that are out there.

When talking to two business ladies Rhiannon & Sophie, they both agree'd that there is nothing wrong with emailing and making them aware of your blog. However some times emails can get lost in the over whelming amount that they receive daily, and also many bloggers will be far too pushy and aggressive about the subject of "freebies". They suggest talking to them on twitter, or Facebook, even commenting on their personal blogs to get a relationship going. One thing you should think when talking to any brands, companies or even bloggers is "Make your mother proud" (Quote Crown and Glory). 

7. Listen to what others have to say|

You're not the best blogger, you probably never will be. Always try to look for constructive criticism to improve your blog and allow it to grow more and more. The smallest of idea could be hugely important to how you run your blog. 

8.Don't compare yourself|

It is probably one of the hardest things not to do. Indulging in what other comments, readers and views are won't get you anywhere! You are what you are, and comparing yourself to others around you can just encase you in negativity. There are so very many blogs out there, statistically you'll be better than some of them, statistically you'll be worse than many. That's just the way it is, work on your blog to improve it as best you can, don't worry about what you "think" you should be at a certain stage of your blogging life.

9.Be Honest|

When it comes to both your readers and to companies you may end up working with, be honest about anything they ask or anything you blog.

It is ethically right about stating when something is free or gifted to you (Most people have a disclaimer section on their blog, or use a c/o to show this). It is also very important to mark when you have been paid for a post or a link within a post. You might not think that people will pick up on it, but the more readers you get, the more they will notice these things and you should be able to show you're doing it right.
Also don't lie about your out reach when a possible feature comes about, it's not the be all & end all of why some one would work with you,  so tell the truth. These people need to make money, they have a business to run, so asking questions about your views and how you blog is not something you should see as negative. 

10. Be Real|

I think this links everything together that I've just said. I think it's just important to remember that you can blog how you want, say what you wish and photograph what ever takes your fancy but following any rules may not help in any way.

Remember to blog for yourself, don't get caught up in doing it for anything else. I appreciate it can help with other pathways through life, and it honestly can. 
Personally, my blog is a hobby and an online diary of my thoughts and outfits. I would never be against going further with it if opportunities came about, but for now I am very much aware of this amazing hobby I have created and worked on for the last 3 years.

This is what I've learnt along the way, agree or disagree with them, they've still helped Stephanie Dreams.
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