Monday, 10 December 2012

Three Today ♥

 On the tenth of December 2009 "Topshop Princess" was born. My then blog, full of beauty bits, silly rambles and photos of all our holidays has slowly grown and grown ♥
Skip forward three years and many a blog makeup has been had, content has changed rather a huge amount and the name change has probably the best thing I ever could of done for my bloggy. 

I can only thank all my readers, followers and amazing friends I have made through this strange world of the internet. Stephanie Dreams is my little part of the internet, but I can only love it and be proud of it. I may never hit a million page views, I may never be in Company magazine, I may never be known by so many....but I can still stand here and blog my heart out and do what makes me happy with something that has grown to be the best hobby I could of ever imagined. 

I've blogged for some amazing companies, at some amazing events and featured some wonderful items and it has been this year that it has come stronger than ever! So here's to many more years of my blogging life

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