Sunday, 22 July 2012

Edith ♥

Having a few days off of work, little money and the whole of England to adventure I got searching for cheaper, cute, some what "different" holiday breaks. 
The Cute Caravan site was dreams to my eyes, got more than excited and booked one of these amazing retro beauts immediately. 

Millie and Edith are two renovated vintage caravans, based in a rural village in Suffolk, in a very peaceful camp site. Everything you'd need to make home for a few days, and perfectly cute but basic in every way.

"Be aware that you are staying in a 40 year old caravan on a rural campsite. This is not a high tech holiday. It is warm, clean and very cute. The site is nicely basic. There are chickens roaming around making free range eggs in their tummies. If it is going to upset you this is not the holiday for you. If you want a lovely, easy, alternative break that will make you feel relaxed and ready to face the rat race again this is the ultimate UK holiday"

If I could do anything, I'd pick these amazing holiday homes up and plop them in a more beauitful Devon or Cornwall, but at least now we can cross Suffolk off our list ♥
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