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It's a Dogs Life...

Hello lovelies
Something slightly different for you today, so I hope you enjoy
If you're a regular reader, or even just like scrolling through my photographs, you will know I have a few loves in my life. A hugely important one is my canine friends, in the form of Alfie & Tilly

We've always had a family dog, Megan was the love of my life & we pretty much grew up together. She was possibly the best dog you could have as a child, and my love for her will never ever stop. She was a white & liver Cocker Spaniel, so loving & caring, with a huge soft spot for my Dad- he could do nothing wrong in her eyes. Having her put down was so so hard, it was around the same time as my Nan dieing, and just the whole thing was crap. I remember kissing her just by her ear when saying Goodbye, it was soft there, she was so lush. I didn't know a lot about why she had to be put to sleep, I think her getting old, problems with her eyes and money all factored into it. I was still fairly young, and even though we all made the decision, my parents felt it was the best thing to do, and at the time, it wasn't something I could over ride

We waited a fairly long time before Alfie came into our lives, Mum swore she'd never have another dog. I think you either get one straight away, or you wait years & years- like we did. Megan was never being replaced, and still, like the other woofers, she is one in a million & will always have a place in my heart. However, we were a doggy family and that space hadn't been filled for such a long time, it needed to happen
We 'rescued' Alfie from Dogs Trust in Newbury, I adore the Dogs Trust & would pick them or Blue Cross over the RSPCA any day>FYI! He was 9months old and a 'hand in', they hadn't had him long, a week or so, but my Mum saw the cheeky sparkle in his eye on the internet & so all four of us went to the center to find out more. Alfie wasn't personally my first choice dog, but he soon wouldn't leave my side & his love was so very strong. Alfie was a pain in the bottom at the start, he still is now to be honest, so much so that my Mum said she'd 'send him back'. I was ready to fight, and move out with him if needs be, but with private behavioral training, along with obedience classes we found out how intelligent he is. Alfie is a Springer X Collie, so basically two of the most crazy, highly strung, hyper but brainy dogs shoved into one amazing body. Both Boarder Collies and Springer Spaniels aren't breads that you should go for if you're not able to or willing to let there minds grow & there bodies go crazy. Mental and physical activities are needed on a daily basis to keep him out of trouble

Tilly was also a rescue, although from a little local shelter that some one at my practice knew of. We never really planned to get two dogs, it just kind of happened. Working at a practice, I see lots of puppies, and I think that's what got the ball rolling. That, and Mum & Dad not ruling it out completely, thought I might as well give it a shot. Tilly was a puppy when we got her, apparently her Mum is a spaniel of some kind, and that's all we know- she is a bit of everything I'd say. She is crazy, not quite all there, fun & very loving. She adores Alfie, and even though she winds him up, he does deal with her well. There's about 3 years between them, so having a puppy in the house doesn't suit Alfie some times, but in general they get on well. We also take Tilly to obedience classes, and they both seem to enjoy it, they can interact with other dogs as well as keep there minds working 
I literally could not be without either of them now, Alf is my security guard (although he is actually a wimp, and Tilly beats him up easily) he comes to work with me every night shift, and our bond just grows & grows. Tilly I go to when I need a cuddle, or a play. She will lay in your arms for hours without moving a muscle, but a little lick in the ear is what she loves doing the most>ICK!

Working as a Veterinary Nurse has tought me so many things about dogs (I prefer them over the feline kind for sure) the breeds, and how to handle them. There are breeds I wouldn't, now, touch with a barge pole-be it for health reasons, or behavior reasons. There are also some dogs I adore which I never thought I would. I'm not the type of person to judge a dog by it's breed, but that breed has the name for the a reason still, and you need to be able to work with it & give it the best life as possible- other wise it may go to the 'dark side'
I also know how much Veterinary medicine & care cost, and having insurance or the money comes down to do or die a lot of the time- and it is so very sad to see.
Alfie & Tilly are both insured with Pet Plan, and with that I get a 'Pet People' magazine (every quarterly or so) The new one has just come out & I thought I'd share with you the new blog they've created about dogs, cats, rabbits etc that could help with any burning questions, while saving you lots of money. It shares advice, real-life stories and pet related news, so you'll able to get the most out of pet ownership.

Visit the pet plan blog

I am in no way an expert, but being in practice for 2 and half years has really helped me understand animals more, so if you have got a question then let me know> I will however probably tell you to go to the professionals. 
I hope you've liked my waggy tail story
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