Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year, New Thoughts....

Hello lovelies
As the New Year is most certainly under way, I thought I would share some thoughts & feelings about this very year.
I never go into a year thinking I'd like to achieve something, go somewhere or do something- I like to take the year as it comes, enjoy every second & get the most out of it as possible. I however obviously do have dreams and wishes, some of which are more likely to happen than others- but I am looking forward to 2011 and will take on anything & everything it has to offer

Most importantly for me
Passing my 1st year exams, and becoming one step closer to a Qualified Veterinary Nurse
I love my job, and like any it has it's ups & downs, but the people and the job it self does bring a smile to my face a lot more than an angry word out my mouth. It will kill me if I can't get over this one silly exam, and become the person I want to me. The next few months NEED to be revise, revise, revise- and a new brain please

Summer Timeeeeee!!!
The summer makes me smile more than anything, the tans, the little clothes, the long nights, the pub gardens. I can not wait to spend the 2011 with my friends, dogs and boys and enjoy it to it's full- before it quickly moves on

Holiday, Celebrate
I'm really not sure how likely this will be, but as I do love my holidays- I hope to get away in one form or another with my girlies or Sam. Anywhere hot, sunny, and full of cocktails will do nicely

Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo
I have some 'ink' (yeah, I'm a cool kid) that I'd like to sort out, and I have some ideas in mind to extend my body art too. Tattoo's excite me, and I think a lot- when done right of course, are just gorgeous pieces of art. If you haven't seen already check out my post on tats'

Finding Vintage Again
I used to be a huge lover of vintage, and even though I still am to some degree, having put on weight doesn't help as it favours the skinnier ones of us
I love vintage dresses and bags, I could just happily walk around and around in the shops all day long, so I'd like to find my true love for it again & let my style evolve even further in that sense 

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 
I would like to both, grow my hair longer longer longer- pretty much never want it to stop, and also find a colour for me that I love & can stick too. I'm thinking about changing the ginge, as the up keep is crazy & colouring my hair every month just isn't practical for me, or nice on my hair. I love it so very much though- all ideas welcome on a post card

I'd love to hear what you have in store for 2011 and what wishes you hope will come true



  1. i really want long, mermaid hair but i don't think it's going to happen!xx

  2. I enjoyed readin this :) I really want long hair again, I keep thinking why I cut it last year :( xx

  3. I love this post! I'm trying to grow my hair too as my hairdresser recently chopped off 5 inches of it when i only asked for a trim! :(

  4. Good luck with your exams and such! i can imagine you being great with animals! :) Loving the summery pictures, especially in this rubbishy weather. Your hair is getting long! I'm sure whatever you decide to do with it will be gorgeous!! xo

  5. Great post, good luck with your exams.

    Sadie x

  6. Ooo great post hun :) best of luck with your exams & everything darling, hope this year brings you all you hope for! A tattoo is deffo on my to do list this year! Have wanted one for the longest time but been too chicken! ;) I also dream for rapunzel-esque type hair :)

    Aysh xoxo

  7. Nice post! I love the summer, too! Unfortunately it will be a rainy summer this year in the Philippines. But it's fine coz it is still warm out here.

  8. Ah good luck with the exam hun! And don't be silly- you do not need a new brain, yours is amazing enough - you'll be great!

    I too can't wait for the summer. Every glimmer of sunshine feels like it's teasing us.


  9. Oh I would love to be a vet nurse but don't think I could cope with the years of study again *sigh*... good luck with it all!! Hope you do manage to get a holiday, there is nothing better!

  10. Good Luck Hunni with passing your exams!

  11. Good luck for the exams! I'm not really a fan of hot summers (I'm more of an autumn girl, and not just cause my birthday is in September!) but your pics are a lot more fun looking than the grey sky I can see right now!

  12. Fab post huni and I am sure you will achieve most if not all of your dreams/ambitions for 2011! First off, HUGE good luck for your exams! I am sure you will be fine and will keep my manicured fingers crossed for you :)
    Also, with the whole vintage thing-hey, you have really supported me with Sara's Secret and my vintage jewellery so you are on the right track ;) You should come down to London one weekend and we could hit the markets and vintage stores in Brick Lane (my usual hangout in London town)!
    I have said it already but all the best for all your goals and dreams in 2011 darling and may the all come true!! xxx
    P.S-Sorry for the long comment! Ha!

  13. Loved reading this post, good luck with your exams!

  14. i like these end of year round-up posts, ive not visited your blog before, but now i feel i know you a little better!
    id love to get a tattoo this year, but im just far too indecisive and as for growing my hair really long - it seems to be taking forever! x

  15. I'd love love love to grow my hair too, it just doesn't seem to grow fast at all, especially when you are waiting for it to reach a certain length. I have a few aims for 2011, and I get so proud when I achieve something (most of them are pretty small but an achievement nonetheless) good luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll do well! :)


  16. Good luck for your exams! I will keep my pretty manicured nails crossed for you!!
    I need to rediscover vintage and find some places that sell it =) xx

  17. Your hair has grown loads recently! what have you been using, anything special?

    Good luck with your hopes and dreams for 2011, sure you'll achieve everything you wish for.


  18. I definitely want to get another tattoo this year too, as much as my parents will disagree! You're hair's really gotten long. I know what you mean. Am torn between growing it reeeeally long or having it shorter again because it's much easier achieve some bounce! xxx

  19. Loved this post! BRING ON SUMMER! haha.

    Massive congratulations on your vet nursing! What a fantastic achievement :)

  20. Fab set of resolutions. First of all I wish you the best of luck in your exams. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly as long as you put the work in. Uni can feel really stressful at times but all the hard work will pay off in the end and you'll be so proud of yourself!!!

    I was going to attempt to grow my hair but I had it all chopped off the other day, long hair really doesn't suit me!!

    I hope you decide to so somewhere nice and sunny in the summer. I want to go to Indonesia but I need to start saving first lol!!!

    Hannah xx

  21. Love posts like this :) Im such a nosy parker and its great to learn a little bit more about you lovely! going to have a gander at your tattoo post after this. and studying to be a vet nurse? thats awesome! my cat millie runs a mile when her 'box' comes out the cupboard for going to the vets in. shes a smart cookie, I think a bum prodding from the vet a few months ago has scared her for eternity! haha sorry to be gross :P xx

  22. hey, I love your blog! I'm having a giveaway on mine and would love it if you'd enter :)

  23. I love vintage as well and the 50's! I'm just not comfortable being that I'm thick.

    I wish you luck on being a vet nurse. I bet you'll do wonderfully. You seem to have such a bright aura. <3

    My hair is so long since I haven't cut it in the past 6 months! I should, I know.

    Have a prosperous year ahead!


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