Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Year of 2010...

Hello my lovelies
I thought I'd share with you 'My year in photos'
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I've had some good bits & some bad bits, some amazing bits & some horrid bits- but I got through it. So, goodbye 2010 & I welcome in a new and sparkling 2011.....
Snowy days
1) The snow in January  2) The snow in December

My gorgeous work girlies
1)TGI fun times  2)Christmas party  3) GEEKS!

The friendship of Me & Maxime
1)Maxime Ma's Birthday Ball  2)Nights out  3)Maximes Birthday

My blogging life
1)Meeting Sinead  2)A real angel  3)Manchester with some fitties  4)Invited to my first event

Our Holidays
1)Paris  2)Majorca  3)Lanzarote

From him, them & those
1)He turned 21  2)Seeing in 2010  3)My 22nd Birthday  4)Woofers on Christmas day
5)Family times  6)Falling in love over & over

My rocks, my shining stars, my life

I can't thank you enough for being here with me through this journey, and this has most certainly been the year of 'Topshop Princess'. I appreciate every follower, reader & commenter, without you I would be talking to the big scary internet space of nothingness
'You to me are everything, the sweetest song that I could sing'
I wish you all love and happiness in the 2011 and I hope you receive everything you dream of.

Loves for now & always
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