Friday, 10 December 2010

Hap-py Birth-day to ya....

Hello my lovelies
Today is the day! That's right...
Topshop Princess is ONE today

My very first post was one whole year ago today, when this blogging adventure started. I think I myself, and my blog have grown through the year and I am so happy and fortunate to have been invited to the events, met the people & friends, and got my lovely readers, through this internet escape of mine

I want to thank every one of my readers- so THANK YOU! At the point where I am writing this, I have 800 followers- you are amazing to have clicked that button, keep coming back for more, and commenting on my post's
Even though I'd still enjoy blogging with 1 or 2 followers (like I once did) your comments and thoughts left are the things that make me smile, and the true friends I have made through it, lighten my day

So have a drink on me tonight girlies, and wish Topshop Princess- a girl who loves Topshop-but Primark a bit more, who acts like a Princess- but only at weekends, and who simply enjoys this little community of what can be friendships, fun, happy reading, and learning as well as lots of shopping....

My giveaway will be in the New year 
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