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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sev and Lily recently starred in their first professional video shoot, which was great fun and such an amazing opportunity for them to gain experience on set! The team were amazing, with producers, directors, and camera men all working together to make sure the pooches were well looked after, and it’s safe to say that Sev and Lily loved having a day out at a farm.

The reason for this change of scene was because I was invited by Bakers to come and find out how they make their dog food. As you’ll see in the video, I got to follow Bakers quite literally from farm to bowl, seeing how their wheat is harvested from a farm in Essex and incorporated into the food that Purina produce in their factory in Suffolk. I was invited on a whistle-stop tour to see the ingredients and different stages that go into creating Bakers, to see for myself if it is a nutritionally balanced dog food that contains the right combinations of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals that dogs need to stay healthy

So.....why are we working with Bakers?
As many dog owners will know, there have been lots of questions around the ingredients that go into dry dog kibble foods like Bakers. I was invited to visit the farm and the factory to see how the food is made, from start to finish and was interested in doing so as I believe no matter the brand of food, it’s important to know what is in the food and how it’s made so you can feel happy feeding it to your dog. Whilst I was there, I discovered that Bakers no longer contains any artificial colours – they now only use colours that come from natural sources. Whilst Bakers may be one of the more affordable options when it comes to feeding your dog, they want it to assure dog owners that it can still be trusted to be a good quality and nutritious choice.

As a Veterinary Nurse, away from our blog and social channels, I see lots of different people and owners. Budget and price comes into a lot of things, from not having pet insurance to not being able to afford treatment for their dog. Food is a large cost of owning a dog as well. Being able to support someone in their dog food choice is very important to me, and I will always advise clients to buy the best diet that they can afford. Sometimes it can be hard when a certain food is popular, but knowing it's not something you can afford to feed every month.

Bakers is made by Purina, which means it is backed by a whole team of experts and nutritionists who formulate the food to make sure it has all the nutrients your dog needs. This is the same team that make their other more expensive brands such as Pro-Plan.

It has been reassuring to see Bakers opening up about their ingredients and I can see they are listening and making changes to ensure Bakers is the best it can be. With any dog food, you decide what to feed your dog, it's important that you feel confident and happy doing so. Knowing where ingredients are from and how the food is made is a key part of that decision. Take a look at the video too as that may answer any additional questions you may have.

While I was at the factory, I met with Kevin Shrimpton from Bakers, and he answered some of the questions I had about the Bakers brand. Here is what I was told from my time with the Bakers team:

Protein content
A dog’s protein requirements often comes from multiple ingredients, not just meat sources. Bakers contains 21% protein which is more than the average found in other pet food products. In Bakers, this comes from ingredients such as chicken,, corn and wheat. Industry nutritional guidelines recommend that an adult dog’s diet contains a minimum of 18% protein.

Meat content
Bakers consists of 30% meat and animal derivatives. This includes a minimum 4% of the animal that features in the product’s name, for example Beef and Vegetable flavour. The remainder can be sourced from different varieties of animals such as beef, chicken, lamb or duck.

Bakers uses the term meat and animal derivatives for labelling reasons. It means they can have flexibility with the recipe they use so they can accommodate seasonal fluctuations with the raw ingredients. This ensures the recipe delivers the right balance of nutrients while making sure the price stays the same.

The use of grains
When it comes to nutrients dogs need, grains are a good source of carbohydrates, protein, B-vitamins and essential fatty acids. Carbohydrates are important in a pet’s diet, providing both quick and slow release energy and healthy bowel function.
Dogs are omnivores (meaning they can eat both animal and plant derived foods). Over time dogs have evolved so they can digest carbohydrates from cereals and grains.

 No Added Artificial Colours
Bakers has changed their range so that it now contains no artificial colours. They now only use colours that occur naturally and are derived from plant and mineral sources.

Why we should we be feeding our dogs Bakers over similarly priced dog food
Bakers is made by Purina, so is backed by an in-house team of experts who carefully select ingredients that go into Bakers and ensuring they go through rigorous quality assessment testing. Bakers is 100% complete and nutritionally balanced. It contains over 30 essential nutrients in a form your dog can easily absorb and use. 

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  1. Absolutely love the video, still not a fan of Bakers but your post definitely clears up a few questions!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment about the video Megan. I think that's what I wanted to do, just answer a few questions and be more open with what food our dogs eat- no matter what food or brand xx

  2. Great video and kudos to Bakers for letting you behind the scenes. Love things like this that get people talking about what's in their dogs food so thanks for sharing!

    Still wouldn't buy anything that has 'animal derivatives' in though, after reading the definition on the government website!

    love & pug hugs xo

    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree, it's great to see them open up with a subject that is spoken about so much.
      Of course, and it's something that worries me too. Bakers say They use the term animal derivatives for labeling reasons. It means they can have flexibility with the recipe they use so they can accommodate seasonal fluctuations with the raw ingredients. This ensures the recipe delivers the right balance of nutrients while making sure the price stays the same.

  3. Look at you three! You were all so good!
    I know Bakers does have a bad reputation, but for many dog owners who can't afford the more expensive diets it is what they have to rely on to feed their beloved animals. It's so good that you have cleared up a few of the main questions.
    Great work!
    Emma & Alfie xox


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