Autumn Leaves on the Trees

Friday, 14 October 2016

I think it's clear to see, that Autumn is my favourite month. I just love how it feels with the crisp leaves, fresh but sunny air and feeling cosy and happy ♥
Having more time off in the week means that I've been able to hang out with Sam, and the dogs a lot more. Adventuring on new walks, and enjoying old favourites now that the season is starting to change how everything looks. Making it feel magical and new.

I always feel more cosy, more homely and a little more happy in Autumn, some how. The light is so pretty and the evenings so dark, the dogs want to snuggle all day [after their long walks of course] and drinking too much hot chocolate and taking too many baths becomes totally acceptable.

Our "go to" walk of the moment is on top of the most perfect hill, that over looks all of our lovely little town. We've seen the shades of the trees change, and this week it's really clear to see that Autumn is here with the browns and oranges filling all we see.

Sev and Lily enjoy all sorts of walks, from the beach to the countryside. But there's something about being in Woodland in Autumn that is so wonderful....with Spaniels racing around and chasing each other through piles of crispy leaves ♥


  1. Beautiful photos! Your dogs are adorable. Autumn is without doubt my favourite season too - everything autumnal makes me all warm and fuzzy!

    Sarah x
    She Was a Day Tripper

  2. Lovely snaps, and such cute puppies! :)
    Carrie x

  3. We love your blog!!!
    Prince Rupert +Mum

  4. Your dogs look very happy! I've two that love the autumn piles of leaves too.


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