Guru Pet Food at Dog Fest

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A few Weekends ago we got invited to spend the day at Dog Fest, with Guru Pet food. Something we really couldn't turn down, and being asked to blog for such an awesome company was so much fun ♥

Guru is a cold pressed food, meaning that all the ingredients and nutrients are retained much more than your average dog food. It can help with improving the immune system, improving your dogs behaviour, improving their skin and coat and even freshen their breath. It's not tested on animals, there's no gluten, preservatives or chemical additives- so it's really awesome all around.
Because it's cold pressed, you can soak it before it's eaten- if you have a spaniel like mine then this may be the only issue! Give me my breakfast now, Mother. Because of this, we usually end up eating them dry, just with a little water added so it's not so dry.

So we now know that Guru is pretty awesome....let's chat about the show!
The Guru team [Lisa and Sam] had the most amazing stand made for the show, and to exhibit at other dog and country shows around the country this year. It was really what dreams are made of and just blew me away totally. I am of course a little biased about the company, who wouldn't be with an amazing product and lovely people go along with it, but that had nothing to do with my love for this stand.
It wasn't even a "stand" that does not give it enough justice. It was instagram perfection, full of fun and dogs all day and Sev, Lily, Sam and I could of stayed there all day [we almost did!]
The dogs got to meet their favourite instagram friends, and we of course spent spent the morning with the lovely Emma and Alfie. Before looking around the show, and ending back at the Guru stand showing everyone how well the spaniels pose, cuddle and steal guru bones!

It was really such a fun day, helped along by Sam and Lisa- the dogs can't wait to visit them again, they've told me they're pretty sure they're the best Guru Pet Food ambassa-dogs ever!

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