Valentines Day Breakfast

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Valentines Day is fast approaching and apart from everything heart shaped, the thing I most love is treating Sam to a yummy breakfast.

There's no hiding that we both love our food, and having and excuse to have a yummy breakfast is just perfect ♥
Oak Furniture UK wanted me to share how I dressed my table for Valentines Day, I obviously picked breakfast, as it's my favourite part of the day, and actually the time where Sam and I sit and chat at the dining table the most.

Although I love getting things "set up" and made to look pretty, I'm still a totally normal blogger...look! I burnt the egg and everything.
I think the cute heart confetti makes the table pop, and the cheeky sweet treats add to making it a super special day.

What will you be doing this Valentines Day, snacking on the sofa, cuddling up with your pooches, having cocktails with friends or eating breakfast with your loved ones.


  1. So cute :)
    Maria V.


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