Monday, 7 December 2015

Redrow challenged me to make my very on Christmas flatlay, that sums up me this Christmas time.

"Me" very much means Severus and Sam too, especially at this festive time of year. We get cosy by the (fake) fire, hanging decorations and going to the pub specifically for some mulled wine.
For me, Christmas is my boys, my little family and the love and appreciation I always have for them ♥

There's nothing that quite sums us up like the Jammy & Jelly illustration, that always makes me smile! For me too many fairy lights, a huge real Christmas tree and the smells of cinnamon always make my heart flutter with the memories of Christmas time.
What makes your perfect Christmas?

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  1. This is so lovely Steph. It's so festive and personal too.

    Emma Xx



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