Grey Wool Coat: Outfit Post

Friday, 20 November 2015

Winter is certainly on the way, have you heard about the possible snow this weekend?! Although I adore Autumn, the beautiful colours on the leaves and the crispy crunches under your feet, I love the thought of getting cosy with all the layers as the Winter starts to creep in.

I'm a huge coat fan, I have far too many, but I just love them so much. This perfect Sugarhill,  white fur trimmed coat is no exception, because it is just so so gorgeous ♥ I love that you can take off the collar too, in case the rain starts, or you want to change the look up slightly.

I think the jumper goes so well with the grey coat too, it's the perfect item to wear to feel warm and it's super cute at the same time. 

Coat c/o Sugarhill Boutique| Jumper c/o M and M Direct| Skirt from Primark 

The jumper has been one I've been wearing around the house with my casuals or pj's, as well as it being my 'go to' jumper for dog walks or popping out to see friends. I love how soft it is, but how cute it looks too, jumpers like this work so well as they go with almost everything.

I got to wear this cosy and pretty outfit in the New Forest last Weekend, I can't wait to share some more photos with you because we had the best time having fun adventures with beautiful surroundings. I also vlogged over the Weekend so make sure you subscribe to my channel to see our fun Weekend. 



  1. This is so beautiful Steph, you look lovely x

  2. Steph, you look so sassy in this coat!!

    Tara x

  3. You look gorgeous Steph! xx


  4. That coat is gorgeous, you look great! x

  5. Wow don't you look a sight for sore eyes. That lipstick looks fierce on you Steph!


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