BarkBeats Subscription Box

Sunday, 7 June 2015

BarkBeats Box*

I seem to be slowly checking out the doggy subscription boxes again, there are some good ones and not so good ones out there, but when BarkBeats wanted to work with Severus I thought it would be a treat for both of us- seeing him happy and with a new toy is my favourite thing ♥

BarkBeats sent the dogs this box, mainly to feature on their instagram account (@SpanielLife) but I thought I'd show my lovely blog readers what they got too. As it was sent to work, Severus was able to open it...but don't worry, the other two got their share of treats too!

There is a great mix of treats in there and also the Kong Bounzer, which Sevvy is loving at the moment. The one thing that annoys me most with subscription boxes (of any sort) is the fact there can be lots of things you'd never use- for what ever reason. But I think this box played it safe with treats he's bound to eat and a toy that everyone trusts and loves. They're all so fun, and I love treating the pooches- I probably do it more than my Primark trips at the moment.

You can get £5 of your BarkBeats box by using the code "DREAMS" at the checkout


  1. such a cute doggy :)

  2. I'm thinking of trying out a dog subscription box so will keep this one in mind. Sevvy seems to be enjoying it! x

  3. Someone needs to do cat boxes, I'll be all over that! xx

  4. Nice Inspirations

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