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Friday, 24 April 2015

Dog food and treats c/o Pooch and Mutt

Sev loves getting sent goodies, and we love trying them out. There's so many wonderful companies and brands out there that aren't as popular as the High Street brands we know, which is such a shame and they're almost always worth a look (and a little purchase for your four legged friends too!)

Pooch and Mutt do any amazing selection of diet, treats and health supplements. They all aim for different things, from Puppy to fresh breathe and even calm and relaxed- like Sev picked.
Diet and treats are so important to a dogs life, and can really shape their personality and exercise, so making sure they're having the best to fit them is such an important part of owning a dog. 

Sev thinks it tastes great, and I love the packing- so we're both pretty happy!                                                                                                        

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  1. Oh Opie got to try out some of these too! He loved it as well! Glad Sev enjoyed! Two Hearts One Roof


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