Oh Spring!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tee and Coat from Primark| Trousers from Dorothy Perkins| Trainers from Nike

Oh Spring! You pretty little thing.
As I live in England, Spring glimpses will come and go for a month or so more yet- and even in "Summer" I expect to see drizzly and gloomy days. This, however, makes you appreciate when the sun has it's hat on, the warmth fills your bones and the whole world seems to be smiling.

Last Weekend we had a little morning out to Bradford on Avon, it's such a lovely little town and I always forget how close it is to where we live. Although coats were still needed, I felt like the flowers were starting to bloom, and my outfit needed some brightness too.
Trousers seem to be my go to, staple wardrobe piece at the moment. I've bought a new grey pair too, and I'm always on the look out for others. I decided to be all "#trends" and wear them with my beloved Nike's. Damn, I love this outfit. Another staple piece, the stripe tee, my hardly ever worn baby blue Primark coat and viola. 
I've been feeling a mix of emotions with my blog lately, and the posts I'm publishing. I've been trying so very hard recently, and I feel so motivated and happy with everything I'm photographing, writing & bringing to my blog. If anything, I know that this space is something I'm proud of.
I'm adoring my outfit posts, I just don't feel the same love for them, I think mainly because I haven't been able to do many. Although I think they've improved drastically from 2 years ago, and even more so recently, I still feel they aren't high up on my list. The lifestyle bits, the Severus bits, and the general photography bits are the things I'm loving and feeling inspired with. Following pet instagram accounts has really got me inspired with photos of Sev too, some may see it as silly, but I love making set ups and using props to make the photos something awesome. 


  1. So sweet Steph, you look gorgeous x


  2. I've been wearing trousers quite a lot recently as well. My friends are still a little surprised at this as I never wore trousers until about 15 months ago. I find them really comfy and versatile and now wish I started to wear them years ago


  3. I think no matter what you focus on for your blog it'll still be brilliant. I love seeing outfit posts but getting snippets of your life and your gorgeous dog is great too, variety is always fun! :) xx


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