My Perfect Man

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Recently Ladbrokes done a study at what British women consider the perfect man, I of course think my lovely Husband is pretty perfect- but if we were talking ideals, I'm happy to say David Beckham or Bradley Cooper would be right up there too.

Drum roll please....
The UK's perfect man is 6 foot tall, blue eyes, short back and sides, suited and booted, 45k Salary (at least), great personality and preferably a David Beckham look-a-like.If you fancy having a look at the specifics from the data you can find it here.
Like most British women I do love my men "tall, dark and handsome". Being almost 6ft anyway, I've always struggled with the tall part, but I have learnt to swap my heels for flats when it comes to my love for Sam.

I adore him in a suit, although most of the time he's in jeans or even jogging bottoms- forever the lazy couple! Put a smart jumper and some boots with those jeans and I'm a happy girl, he's always keen to impress when we got out with family friends and I like that he cares about his appearance....even if it's only 20% of the time. I'm not sure I can be one to moan to much though, either in my PJ's or uniform unless it's the Weekend.

I love a good styling challenge, although being together for 7 years has helped with that, so now I don't really have too much to say about his look. This would be a great outfit for our days out, walking Sev, stopping for lunch and taking my blog photos- like good photographer Husband he is.

I was glad to see that personality rocks looks out of the water, 80% of us ladies agree that they'd pick a good personality over a hot bod- but it would be nice to have both. If nothing else, Sam makes me so happy, he makes me laugh and he is the source of everything good. I love our little family, and he is the person that helps me with everything and anything, always on my side even if I've been silly (usually with money- oops!)

I'd love to know your "perfect man", are you keen on Becks too?



  1. Awww this post is adorable! I would do one about my husband but the honest thing is, my ideal man is pooch!

    C xx

    1. I feel you sister! I'm not sure my husband has accepted his place in the pecking order yet though!
      M x

  2. Aww this is such a cute post Steph. I always admire what you two have together. I hope one day to find my own Prince Charming.

    Emma Xx

  3. Ah this is a very cute post.:)
    My ideal guy is Tom - he has long hair, beard and tattoos. Sings and plays guitar, is very clever and very kind. Always makes me smile.

  4. That is so lovely. I know the money thing hehe opppss, cute post xx

  5. Love this very much! But what about Sevvy? He's dark and handsome too!
    Sam sounds brilliant and very supportive, lucky lady.
    M x


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