Pawsome Box for Sev

Monday, 19 January 2015

Dog subscription box c/o Pawesome Box

Severus now seems to be getting more emails than I do, even though I'm sure my blog is still called Stephanie Dreams, I'm of course happy to share the features with him.

Last month saw Sev receive a few gifts, onc of which was meant to be this goody bag-type box, but sadly we only got it a week ago. This box is full of Christmas treats, fun toys and even a special Christmas stocking- so it really would have been perfect to get around the festive period. 

Luckily, even though I try and kid myself, Sevvy doesn't really know that his toy is a snow man or his treats and Christmas fillets. Because of these, he loved the box this month as much as any month! 

With the Pawesome Box you get 5-6 high quality products, from chews to toys, training aids to grooming items. I also loved hearing that they also help with finical aid to animals in shelters and charities that help with this. Spending money on your four legged friend, in turn helps other furry friends that aren't so lucky to have homes.                                                  

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  1. Oh Sev, such a beaut. What cool little doggy treats, he seems to like them! :)

    Tara xo


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