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Monday, 12 January 2015

Beauty Gift Set c/o House of Fraser

Linea Fragrance Set c/o House of Fraser

Some things to do with Christmas I love holding on to, like the spicy scents, Mulled cider and festive cheer that seems to bring everyone together. I also love the gift sets that are brought out, and maybe even more so when they go into the sale ♥

So this post may be a little late coming, but like certain things around this time of year, I wanted to drag it out and share it with you anyway. 
The Lancome beauty sets were the perfect present, for myself! I love that the three items it comes with will all be used. The eyeliner and mascara are full size, and the handy travel size makeup remover are the perfect trio. This set feels luxurious, feeling like it's a bit of a treat, but at the same time is so useful and worth having too. 

I also got to try the Mistletoe and Berries fragrance set, I honestly can't rave about this scent enough. Obviously it's a sure fire winner for Christmas time,  but it's such an easy and lovely smell to have generally at winter time. I'm usually never one for diffusers, prefer a big cost candle instead, however with this you get the best of both worlds....and the diffuser certainly didn't let me down. It's still living on the landing table, gently leaving it's smell around the whole house. 

Are there things you don't want to let go of after Christmas, too?                                                                                                                                                

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  1. That Lancome set looks lovely, I love their mascaras.

    Sophie x


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