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Friday, 5 December 2014

Dog Treat Box c/o The Tail Wagger

There seems to be as many dog treat subscription boxes, as there are beauty boxes. This is totally fine with me, being a (rather crazy) dog-Mum, I try and involve Sevvy in anything and everything we do in everyday. We've started to become the couple that wants to take him everywhere, and "not dog friendly" gets our hackles up. 

The Tail Wagger wanted to send Sev one of their gift boxes, and I certainly didn't want to stop his tail from wagging! You get to pick how many items you want to treat your pet to, add any extras and then let them know about you & your pet- so they get everything as right as possible.
Sev had Alfie and Tilly over to play at the Weekend so they all got to share some of the goodies, including some wonderful Christmas treats too! ♥

What do I love most about these boxes? They give 15% of their profit to Dogs Trust!
This is a total winner to me, especially as Alfie is a Dogs Trust Dog, and as a Veterinary Nurse it's a animal re-homing charity that is close to my heart. It really is good to give.



  1. It looks like a great box! And ace that it supports the Dog's Trust. That's where Lily and Lola are from! :)

  2. Sookie would love this. Sev looks like a little cutie patootie x

  3. Oh my, no wonder you want to take him everywhere. He is just gorgeous. I think there needs to be more laces that allows for dogs, it makes no sense not to!

    Sarah Betty xx


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