Saving While Planning Our Wedding

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Although Sam and I aren't saving or looking for a house at the moment, getting a mortgage is still something that goes through my head and certainly something that stayed there while planning our wedding. Getting married is a huge step, but buying a house together will be too, although some people buy before getting married there are still lots of first time buyers that may be in the same situation as us. 
When planning a wedding, and still saving for other things in life, such as buying your first home, I think time is key. For some, this may mean getting married quickly, a friend of mine didn't want to spend any longer than needed planning her wedding as she knew she'd spend more and more as time went on. For us, we enjoyed a longer engagement so we had time to save up and pay things off in pieces. 

Although some bits and pieces went on the credit card, we tried to save and pay off as we went along. We also knew exactly how much our kind parents were giving or lending us, which helped when it came to the planning and wedding finances. Which also brings me onto sensible planning and sticking to what you have planned. Things crop up along the way, you always want the photographer for an extra hour or to treat your guests to something special, but knowing what you wedding will consist of will really help, this will help get your budget in shape and knowing you have to stick to it. 
Some peoples priorities will be different to ours, but becoming Husband and Wife is something that I've always wanted and in life we've now achieved that and get to spend the rest of our life as Mr and Mrs. If yours is to buy a home first, then that's perfect for you, and I always think it's important to aim for what makes you happy ♥

Keeping motivated in what you want will also help you save, along with knowing what you're dealing with and being sensible with money. You can't have that 4 bedroom house in the countryside with the horse, but you can't have that £20,000 wedding without taking a hit either. Priorities are key, and for me it's being with my little family- I do love my boys!  

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