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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas dog bandana c/o More Than Pet Insurance

This year Sev's stocking seems to be full, where as Sam's presents are few and far between. I never really need the idea to buy more for my little man, but when I heard about the Pet Present Finder, I couldn't stop myself from looking at the pet-friendly treats. 

The app is really easy to use, you simply click on the type of animal you want to buy from (dog or cat only I'm afraid) How much you'd like to spend (more or less than £20) and what sort of presents you're looking for. In a click of a button your options come up, and you get to browse what looks good. You then click on what takes your fancy and it takes you directly to the page to buy your present.

Not that Sev needs any more Christmas attire, although I'm not sure a tartan bandana, a Christmas Jumper and a reindeer costume is enough. I thought I'd go for this cute holly design scarf, that pops through their own collar so it's super easy to wear and made it different sizes too! I recently bought Sam a holly shirt for the festive period, so it makes me far too excited that they can now match ♥


  1. He is the cutest!! Looking very dashing & festive! xox
    Sarah-Jane xo // www.vmgirl,me

  2. This is too cute, how adorable!

    Jade x ♡


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