Throwing Leaves

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jumper, Skirt and Wellies c/o Joules

I feel like being away the majority of October, has meant that I missed out on a lot of Autumn. It's my favourite season, so I'm trying to fit in as many Autumnal outfits and fun days out as possible. 

This outfit no doubt sums up Autumn really well! I adore the mustard tone, especially with the skirt- I really feel like a true spaniel owner dressed like this too.
The Joules Wellies are perfect too, the navy goes with pretty much everything and I love that they're so short- it makes them so practical just to slip on and wear with most things. 

We popped over to Winchester for the day, so it was the perfect outfit for dog walks and good pub grub in the countryside. I'll be blogging about that later in the week, so be sure to pop back.

Dog bed c/o Joules                                                                                                


  1. Cute outfit! And I love the pictures :)

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  2. Love the outfit! And the playful photos are great, they make me want to stomp around in puddles and jump into leaves! x

  3. gorgeous! love the mustard jumper :) xx

    je suis cat

  4. You're looking stunning Steph!

  5. So cute Steph, you look divine x

  6. Looking lovely here, Joules have some really beautiful things at the moment!

    Maria xxx

  7. You look fantastic. Joules have some really lovely things in at the moment. I've seen a dress and a few jumpers that would be perfect for winter.


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