Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mid-week treats are something I love, it breaks up the working week and I always am keen to have something to look forward to. This week I was lucky enough to visit the Ideal Home show at Christmas, it was full of festive cheer and got be perfectly in the holiday spirit! 

The exhibition was held at Earls Court, in London. It showcased an array of good foods, gift ideas, Christmas decorations and beautiful interiors. As well as fun gadgets, fashion & beauty and pet products that no woofer-Mum could say no to. 

I drank mulled wine, sipped on champagne and crossed a few presents of the list. It was such a lovely day, even if it is for the food stalls and festive drinks that are available. 

If you get the chance to visit this Weekend, then I highly suggest it for an awesome day out ♥                                                                                                 


  1. This looks like an incredible day out! I love everything Christmas-sy. I think I'd have probably spent a small fortune there!

  2. I went to the Manchester show! It was such a fab day x


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