Afternoon Tea with #PowerDry

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I think a lot of people will disagree with me, but I am rather weird after all, I like washing up! I feel a sense of completion and tidiness, however, the drying up (and putting away) never ends up happening by me....this is why us ladies have Husbands.
I must admit though, getting my mitts of the wonderful Power Dry Dishwasher has made things so much more easier, quicker and it all seems so much more neat and tidy- as I can hide it in there if I'm in a lazy mood to put anything away!

We were challenged by Whirlpool is make a meal in an hour, and then of course wash it up in the snazzy new appliance. The Dishwasher it self is lovely, and although gadgets like this are more than the appearance, I still think it looks amazing. It works so well in our kitchen, it looks expensive and although rather large (and in charge!) it's not obvious or too much in our little kitchen space. 

We may have cheated a little bit, but a Festive Afternoon tea was what we decided on. We invited our newly engaged friends around, and treated them to some yummy cupcakes and scones. Sian did help me with the baking, as it is some what more her domain, but we were baked and prepared within an hour and tucked in straight away. 

We used a lot of plastic equipment while preparing the goodies, Thankfully the PowerDry Dishwasher cleans the toughest of stains as well as drys spotlessly, even on plastic items!
After our yummy treat, and in between chatting everything Wedding, we loaded up the washer and popped it on cycle 6. The Awesome PowerDry programme, that washes and dries in an hour.  I certainly can't fault this wonderful machine, that has been brought in to my life, looking great ticks all my boxes and working well (the sensible and important bit!) ticks all of Sam's pretty much perfect

 You can actually win this Dishwasher, by tweeting a photo of a meal you've prepared with the tag #PowerDryDining The competition is open until December 14th and all information and Terms can be found here                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  1. you like washing up?! me and Ross argue every single day over who washes up - we both hate it so much! haha x

  2. I can't believe you like washing up! This dishwasher looks very chic. ;)

    Tara x

  3. I love this post! I would bloody love a dishwasher. I spend all my time washing up and it ruins my nails (priorities haha) x

  4. I detest washing up! Mainly because Tom runs the water for me whilst he's doing the cooking, then when I actually go to wash up I find wrappers in there - as he cooks he just lobs stuff into the sink!



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