Rock N Roll Bride for Crown and Glory

Friday, 19 September 2014

Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory- The Bridesmaid Collection

There's no hiding the truth when it comes to my love for Crown and Glory, I believe Sophie is a genius when it comes to all things pretty for your hair.....and she just happens to be a bloody amazing person (with lilac hair) too ♥

I've followed the little online shop for some years now, some how finding it in my first years of blogging and buying something from their every year since, growing my collection and my true love for the pieces that are created. The first Rock n Roll Bride collection came out at a very exciting time for me, and soon after finding Kat and her awesome wedding blog, these beauties came to us and how wonderful they are. I am however going to put myself out there and say this new collection beats it, totally!!!

Although it's aimed Bridesmaids, the whole collection is worthy of any bride and any day to day C&G lover too. There's glitter, sparkle, floral and amazing colours that make you smile if if you're in a bad mood. 
The Bride-to-Be party headband is no doubt a fav, it's so fun and easy and I can see so many girls rocking that in the run up to their wedding.....I hope it's not too late for me to! The gold ears are also another fav, I love gold, and so this just works amazing on a design I loved previously. Lastly, I am truly in love with the belts and am excited to see how these are styled up for both bridal and bridesmaid gowns, I think they could easily put a fun twist on things while still staying elegant.

Sophie, Kat, I salute you (and basically love you!)

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