Pawsome Box

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Canine gift box c/o Pawsome Box

Severus is spoilt! Not only do we treat him like our actual son (better him than some screaming two-legging child) PR companies also seem to like to treat him, this time in the way of this gorgeous goodie box full of treats and toys. 

Every month you can gift your pooch a surprise with goodies that are especially adapted to it's woof, size, breed and age.
The boxes start from £15.90, so for a one of Birthday treat, or just because your dog deserves something special- this is the way to go. Such lovely toys and all natural and high quality treats.  



  1. eeeekkkk!!! <3 your dog must be so happy :DD

  2. Is it ok that I would rather spend money on this than something like a Glossy Box for me?? I think I have a dog treat buying problem...
    Sevvy looks pretty happy about the whole thing too :-)
    M x

  3. Aww! This is such a sweet idea! I'd have to get two at once though - my beagles do NOT like sharing. We tried to get them to share a cuddly dinosaur once before... 10 minutes later and poor dino became extinct!
    Beth x


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