Boots for Sir

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Shirt and Chinos from Primark| Boots c/o Jacamo

Sam has shown some of his outfits previously, but is no where near a regular feature on Stephanie Dreams, and so when he gets asked to take part in a campaign my heart always flutters a little.
His style has evolved a lot since I first met him, getting his polo shirts down to a reasonable amount (none!) and getting him out of trainers all the time. You'll mainly see him in shorts and tee, jeans and a tee or for something a little more smarter the chino's and boots will always come out.

These Jacamo boots are perfect for both afternoon tea's, which I drag him too, or nights out with the boys for a few beers. I think guys like to keep it simple, too much to choose from will just cause headaches and some times I think Sam's worse than me at picking his outfits. 

At the moment I'm trying to get him to keep his beard for the wedding, any tweets his way (@sw63) to confirm this is the right thing to do, will be ever so helpful


  1. Great post Stephanie, and liking Sam's outfit. You're absolutely right that most guys like to keep their outfit simple! We definitely love clothes and looking good but the fact of the matter is that overcomplicating an outfit just doesn't happen. Would have loved to have seen a few more detail shots of the shoes as I'm big fan of Jacamo's gear!


  2. Oooh very dapper! ;) I do love a good beard but maybe not on your wedding day. ;)

    Tara x

  3. Look at your two handsome boys step! You lucky girl!


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