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Monday, 11 August 2014

Collars and Tags
All items c/o Collars and Tags

When the woofers get recognised on the blog, then I do feel rather happy about it. They're a big part of my life, and although my style posts are most popular, bringing every day life posts to you is also really important to me ♥
It seems like more companies want to work with Severus than me at the moment, which I'm not too worried about, we were hoping he'd be a child star! 

Sevvy got sent some lovely items from "Collars and Tags" an online pet store that deal with all your feline and canine needs. They have training aids, collars, tags, leads, grooming supplies and lots of wonderful toys- it's really a haven for our 4-legged friends. 

Having a ball mad dog, does have it's up side, and hopefully in the long run it will stop him from being a fatty (although he will still eat far too many treats too!) He really gets obsessed with his balls, and it is something Spaniels are known for and so we knew that these would be first on this list. Also a new long length lead, a grooming brush and a new ID tag all got added to the basket. He is chipped, but it's still so important that if he does go missing then it's made easy for them to track us down- it also helps that this ones so lovely, and goes so well with his brown fur. 

Getting Personal
Towel, Blanket and Plate c/o Getting Personal

I actually used "Getting Personal" for some wedding gifts for our wedding party, so when they asked if the woofers would like to be sent a few items I was thrilled. This site is a little different, and is a true present for your pooch, with so many Pet Gifts to make your heart melt.

The blankets are my favourite, and all the dogs have one if a different colour. Sev seems to love his, and also lays down on it in the evening when we're lounging on the sofa. The slate plate also has pride position in our kitchen, and how amazing does it look with his "paint your own" bowl- such a cute combo. 

If you're in line to spoil your pooch then this is the place to go, some of the items are just stunning and Sevvy boy is writing out a list for his Birthday already ♥



  1. Those towels/blankets are cute but not as cute as your dog =D x

  2. Love it! Bet they were all thrilled with the presents. Love the blankets and towels. Very cute!

  3. Stephanie this is all sooo cute! Do I see KONG ball? Is it really sturdy? My mum's puppy has KNOG toy which is amazing, so long-lasting, but I didn't know they did tennis balls too! Sev looking cute as always! X

  4. Aw my gosh he's such a cutie, and the personalised bits are just so adorable I'll definitely be telling my cousin about it as she just looves spoiling her kitty! Lovely post doll xo

  5. Aww aren't they lovely bits. I shall definitely have a nose and see what can get Harry for (oh no the dreaded C word) Christmas :-) xx

  6. So many great things!
    A very lucky pooch :)


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