A Vintage Garden Wedding

Thursday, 21 August 2014

In the last three weeks I've had the pleasure of going to three wonderful weddings. All of which were very special to me, a close friend of one, a photographer for the other, and the last the prettiest wedding I 've ever seen. This is the one I'm sharing photos of today, the wedding of Gemma and Daniel, a beautiful couple inside and out and that really shone through with the DIY vintage style wedding they held at the Weekend. 

I think I relate to this wedding the most, due to the fact it's very similar to what I'd like our wedding party to be like. Their were personal details everywhere, props in all the right places, a lace wedding dress, hay bales to perch your bum, bacon sandwiches when the drink had the better of you, a photo booth, and so many fun times dancing along with friends and family ♥

Having the wedding on their farm worked so well for them, favours were bought in for the marquee, hay bales, cake, as well as vintage and DIY touches every where. Meaning it really was a lovely home grown wedding, from their hearts, and they really cared for the guests that were there.

I think these photos say enough, and they really give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, weddings are so special and wonderful and I feel so lucky I've got to experience so many this year.                                                                                                 


  1. Everything really does just look so so beautiful x


  2. What a lovely wedding. It reminds me of ours as it's very similar in style. I hope they had a magical wedding day and everyone enjoyed it :-) xx

  3. This looks so beautiful!

    Maria xxx

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