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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wedding Books c/o StressFreePrint

Since getting engaged I have loved every minute of wedding planning, even if it does come with some silly or stressful times. All in all it's been a pleasure, a true love, and something I've thrived on day to day. Working a physically and mentally hard job, running a blog and planning our perfect wedding has been time consuming at times, but it's something I've adored and it's made my feelings stronger of wanting to get into the wedding business some how.  

It's only really been other people that have stressed me out during the planning, wanting to please others and making them happy has some how turned out to be the thing I worry about and stress over the most.
You're no super hero if you don't stress over a wedding, specifically your own. You are planning for one day (or two in my case) that should be the best day of your life, when you become partnered in law with the love of your life. There are so many books and resources out there to help, I for one have become addicted to wedding blogs as they're constantly updating and have so many good ideas.

To make the experience as #stressfree as possible, here are my tips:
♥ Organise your time down to the minute, don't over do the planning, and be sure to switch off
♥ Ask for help when it's needed! Doing it all yourself won't be fun, or good for you. Be it a wedding planner or your Bridesmaids. Get the girls together and spread the load.
♥ Know your limits! You can't DIY everything, nor can you buy a dress double your whole wedding budget. Be sensible, and go with the flow.
♥ It's your wedding! Remember to do what makes you happy, life is to short to forget about your own needs and wants.

*I will be in the running of winning my wedding invites for free, as I am taking part in the StressFreePrint campaign*
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  1. I've loved wedding planning too! Though I still have plenty of things to sort out at the moment, so far has been smooth sailing. *touches wood to encourage more smooth sailing* I completely agree that you need to do what you and your husband-to-be want rather than trying to make others happy, it's your day :) Our next task is finding a photographer and with Sam being a professional photographer I'm leaving that one up to him :) xx

  2. eeee I love your wedding plans and when I come to planning mine one day! I can't wait to chat with you about everything as you're so clued up!!

    love the'bride' notes book!! soooo cute! x

  3. I just discovered your blog so have been busy stalking it! Loved this post! I totally get what you mean about other people causing the stress, we are planning our wedding at the moment for next April and it's so much fun but we are finding that people think it's ok to tell you what precisely they think about your plans or ideas, even if it's not very nice! It's so hard not to take it to heart but I agree you have to put yourselves at the heart of every detail and screw everyone else's opinions!! Can't wait for more peeks into your big day :)

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  5. Great tips... I can completely imagine myself getting carried away, spending our life savings on a dress and not sleeping for weeks trying to DIY everything!
    Faye |


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