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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Tshirt and Trousers from Primark| Hat from ASOS| Sandals c/o Crew Clothing

This is an outfit I just adore, it's simple but makes a statement. It was the perfect outfit to go and visit Paige in, to celebrate her very merry 23rd Birthday. We drank tea whilst chatting away, walked the streets of Southsea to find some perfect photography spots, ate good food and topped it off with some wonderful pottery painting ♥ These are the times I appreciate blogging so very much, I feel privileged to know Paige, let alone call her one of my best friends. 

I got to wear my gorgeous Crew Clothing sandals in honour of their 21st Birthday! To help celebrate their wonderful Birthday you'll see many a blogger style a piece of their collection, and when I saw these beauties I couldn't say no. I think they work so well with the casual tee and tailored trousers. I feel like I'm a huge trousers convert at the moment, and although jeans still aren't my thing, I'm loving the printed ones that can be dressed up or down so easily with a pair of shoes and handbag for your desired look. 
This weekend we have friends coming to stay, they're close friends of Sams that will be coming out to Florida for the wedding. I'm excited there may be wedding chat, as well as lots of yummy food and drinking! We've been on top form getting the house a little up together and changing a few things that were bugging me, so I'm excited to share the final look with you soon on my YouTube channel.

Thanks to the lovely Rebecca for taking these super snaps!
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  1. I love your necklace! Great pics! Little London Girl x

  2. Love those trousers on you girl! <3

    Hayley xo


  3. These photos are amazing - as are those trousers! I always consider myself a skirts and dresses girl but am slowly getting on the trouser bandwagon! I'm so jealous all you ladies get to meet up regularly, definitely need to get something sorted next time I am in London!!!

  4. My sister works in Crew Clothing and everything in there is so lovely!

  5. Great outfit, love the hat! x

  6. Gorgeous lady! Love that blue x


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