Thursday, 3 April 2014

Polaroid photos c/o Printic

I love photos, instagram is probably one of my favourite apps, I could look through Facebook friends photos all day and no doubt blog photography has given me a passion I'd never imagined.
I am so thrilled I found a new app, that is able to make my pretty virtual photos into actual prints looking beautifully like Polaroid snaps. You can order within the app, from your phone from Facebook, instagram and or your libary. Other bonuses include quick as a flash postage, and being able to customise photos- maybe for the perfect gift, as well as this you can pay with paypal and the photos are just so affordable ♥

Go and download Printic now, and get printing those special memories 
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  1. Love them, I bought some from another instagram print place but love getting my moments printed so I can put them up in the house.
    Cute pics of the little Sev. :) x

  2. I love this company, I loved mine. Great for frames xx

  3. Thanks to you!! I ordered a bunch and SIMPLY love them!! this app is amazing!!!! thanks for the heads up doll!! xxxx

  4. I just got mine through and I love them! So easy to use.


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