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Monday, 28 April 2014

Mickey Tshirt c/o Truffle Shuffle| Skirt and trainers from Primark

I'm having a love-hate relationships with Weekends at the moment. Of course having time off work is wonderful, but all I want to do is nothing, and I have to do so much!
This one has been filled with wedding fairs, friends, and extra work. We've also finished so many wedding DIY's and seem up to date on almost everything wedding planning wise.

The weather has been a bit sad, which isn't helping matters, but when the sun comes doesn't she shine so lovely ♥
I wore this casual but cute outfit for when he sun had it's hat on, walking Sev down the the canal and drinking milkshakes along the way. There's no secret I am a Disney fan, and when I saw this Peace Mickey tee, I knew it had to be mine. It's so so soft, which makes it ever so comfy and I love the look paired with daps and the basic skirt.

I'm feeling a little lost with my style and wardrobe recently, I could literally throw everything away and feel better for a fresh start. I've put so much money into my Honeymoon wardrobe, I've let myself go on everything else, almost just waiting for the time to come. 

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  1. What a cute top! Perfect for Florida! (I don't know about you, but I'm buying so much "Perfect for Florida!" clothing at the moment- Minnie Mouse sunglasses were a particularly odd impulse buy and you better believe I will wear them every day!)

  2. That's such a fun unique top. I always love the quirky truffle shuffle t-shirts.

  3. Lovely top!!! I want it! :)
    And the outfit is finished beautifully by the pleated skirt.
    Will you be sharing some of the DIY's you are making for your wedding?
    I mean, I'm already married :) but I find DIY's fascinating, and love to adapt things to different occasions. :)
    Diana @

  4. Such a pretty top, Steph! I'm gonna need a moment to browse Truffle Shuffle ;) I think we all have moments where we want to throw our wardrobes out and start afresh... I'm having a bedroom and wardrobe refresh this summer and just can't wait! x

  5. Cute outfit,and how long is your hair!! Amazing. :)
    I'm having that wardrobe moment lately, nothing is right.

  6. Such a fab outfit, I know what you mean with the wardrobe, I am seriously tempted to throw everything away and start again!

    Maria xxx

  7. I just realised you are wearing micky mouse <3 so lovely <3 :)


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