Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair

Friday, 25 April 2014

Some time ago I decided to pop along to the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair, it's just a quick trip up the motorway and it sounded right up my street.
Sadly, the little old Bridey had to go alone, but I rather liked just taking it all in and being within the atmosphere of all the couples and bustling brides. 

It was my first wedding fair since being engaged, and as it was vintage I felt that it would be rude not to go. I also met the wonderful Emily, who we booked our amazing photo booth through for the wedding party.  Although I didn't see anything new, I still loved seeing all the props, dresses and wonderful pieces set up "in real life". Being an avid wedding blog reader lacks that quality some times. Being part of anything wedding just gets my heart beating, it makes me want to become a planner more and more and makes my stomach sink to know in 6 months time I won't be doing any more!

Have you visited any wedding fairs, what do you think of them?! I highly recommended this one, for amazing aesthetics and gorgeous vendors. 
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  1. I think you'd be such an ace wedding planner! I love the pictures here. xx

  2. oh Bridey! you went alone!! I would of come if I was about with you! Maybe we can go next year??
    Looks really lovely!! photo booth!!! eeeek! xxx

  3. Oh gosh, everything looks amazing! I adore browsing wedding blogs and magazines - such a guilty pleasure. I must admit I can't wait to see snippets of your wedding Steph, it's coming up so quickly! x

  4. I'm nowhere near getting married but I'm definitely one of those who has a secret pinterest board. Not because I WANT to get married anytime soon, but because everything is just so pretty! These pics are gorgeous :) x

    Katy | Little Miss Katy


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