Spring Time Floral

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bag c/o Sammy Dress| Dress, Cardie, Coat and belt from Primark

The sunshine seems to make everything better, it really does. Leaving work when it's still light makes me all sorts of happy, rocking the florals and grabbing my converse as my staple footwear....happy happy happy. 

I bought this dress and belt from Primark last month, I've been trying to improve my belt wearing as I feel a bit lost when it comes to them. This tunic dress screamed Spring time at me, and I loved how pretty it looked but has such a casual vibe with it to. The pastel pink bag is also a new favourite in my wardrobe, how amazing is the colour and the style!!
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This week is countdown until we can book the last bits for the wedding, some of which are really important and more so we (almost) get our final guest count. From transport, the wedding meal, desserts, and videography it will hopefully all be confirmed and planned....just the paying for bit that seems to be the problem!
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  1. What a dreamy bag and an even dreamier dress! Looking so beautiful Steph, exciting to hear that you're nearly there with booking everything for your wedding. I'm so excited for you!!

  2. So pretty! Love the creamy colors. <3

  3. Lovely outfit!!! :) I see Spring when I look at these photos! :)
    These colours really suit you and the casual girly look is always a win! :)
    I remember planning my wedding - so exciting and draining at the same time, but it was definitely all worth it! :)

  4. What a gorgeous day! Love the bag... x

  5. peach peach peach looks so wonderful on you mrs!! great find at primani! cute bag! Pastels call out to me too! loving the video! xxxx

  6. That dress is so pretty, you look wonderful Steph! x


  7. eeek wedding plans sound like they are all falling into place, so exciting :) xx

  8. Steph you always look absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Love that bag! What a beaut! And the dress is such a pretty colour :) Glad the final wedding plans are coming along :) xxx

  10. I love the bag! Perfect for the summer. Its so exciting about the wedding plans.

    Beth x

  11. Looking so pretty miss! <3


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