Spring Time Walks

Saturday, 29 March 2014

 Today I am letting the photos speak for them self ♥
Happy Spring Time to you all
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  1. These pictures are just stunning Steph, it looks like Severus had a fun time too! x


  2. I love these! They brought back so many memories of my childhood, riding horses along the bridle paths in the Kent countryside. I always came home feeling hot under my riding hat, splattered in mud and utterly pooped, but there's nothing like an English woodland :) Not long until the bluebells will be out too. I hope you enjoyed your walk x

  3. These are such lovely photos Steph and Severus is so cute! :) xx

  4. Lovely photos! A happy dog with a ball will always make me smile :) He sure knows he's good looking!

  5. I adore your puppy! Such lovely pictures! xx

  6. He is getting more handsome by the hour missus :D And I can just imagine which of those puddles he might be jumping in! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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