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Monday, 10 March 2014

I feel like Spring time has been on the horizon for some weeks now, and the warmer weather has certainly confirmed that. Waking up to the light beaming through the curtains, and it not being pitch black when you come back in from work is so wonderful, it makes the working week a lot easier ♥

This dress shouts Spring time at me, well Spring time in England anyway!! It also screams Clueless at me, the checks and the pleats- perfect 90's get up if you ask me. I've changed it up a little adding a leather jacket and pretty unicorn collar clips

This Weekend has been filled with sunny times, afternoon tea, walks down the canal and a little too much wine! It's been a fun one, and I just really enjoy making the most of them, work is hard at the moment and I feel a mix of pressure and generally being drained from keeping up with work and personal life- including the blog. I'm trying to improve Stephanie Dreams, constantly, and although it's a huge passion and love, sometimes I feel I need to stop and just sleep and catch up for a few weeks!
Dress c/o Fashion Union| Collar Clips from Jewellery By Jaymie| Jacket from H&M| Puppy....priceless
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  1. Those collar clips are perfect!! Love this look Steph, the shape and colour of the dress really suits you. And I adore cheeky little Severus making a cameo appearance too! xx

  2. Ah steph this looks perfect on you! Suits you so much!

  3. That dress is beautyful Steph, you look beyond gorgeous! x

  4. Wow that dress is so lovely, i want to order it now!

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog at the moment :)

  5. Lovely outfit, I do love seeing Sev's little face peeking out of your blog too! xxx

  6. This is such a lovely outfit Steph, the dress and collar clips are so cute! Sev is such a cutie! :) xx

  7. This dress is a pretty delicious colour! x

  8. This dress is perfect Steph, it looks great on you. LOVE those collar clips! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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